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Sometimes you may find there is a patch in StartPatch you want, but you’d rather have it in a preloader hack.ini. That’s pretty simple to do. Here’s how you do it. You need the StartPatch source, a text editor and a hex calculator (Windows calculator can do the job). You don’t need anything more than that.

In StartPatch, patches are in the file “patches.h”. The patches have the following stucture:

		{"Disable HAXX, DVDX, RZDX Checks"},
			0x48, 0x03, 0x2D, 0x75
			0x60, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00

Let’s break that down.

The first and last { and } signify the start and end of the patch.

The second line line is the name of the patch. This is in double quotes and wrapped in {}, and follwed by a comma (,).

The next line is the offset of the patch. It is followed by a comma (,).

The next section is the original value at that offset. Each byte is seperated by a comma (,) and the whole thing is wrapped in {}, and follwed by a comma (,)

The next section is the new value for the offset. This has the same format as the previous section.

At the end, there is a 4, because 4 bytes are patched (a byte is two digits, the 0x signifies these values are in hexadecimal).

Now, a preloader hacks.ini follows this format:

[hack name]
version=(SM version)

This is undeniably much simpler, but thats besides the point. We have from the StartPatch patch everything needed for the preloader hack.

For value (this is new value, not original value, original value is not in preloader hacks), we combine all four bytes and put an 0x before it (i.e. 0x60000000).

For offset, we add 0x8132FAE0 in a hex calculator (this is known as the “base address” and is added in preloader hacks, but not in StartPatch patches).

Version can be found on wiibrew ( Then we just slot this into the template above and get:

[Disable HAXX,DVDX,RZDx Checks]

And that’s it done. It’s relatively straight forward.
It’s also possible to do the reverse, and port preloader hacks.ini to StartPatch patches, but this is slightly more complicated. If there’s interest, I’ll post a tutorial on that too.